Company History

Company History

2000.06  Founded AG Optics Co., Ltd.

2001.01  Registered the ISO 9001, ISO14001 certification.

2002.06 Selected as a specialized parts and materials company.

2003.09  Registered as Venture Enterprise.

2004.08  Registered as INNO-BIZ.

2007.04  Established a company-affiliated research institute.

2010.01  Designated as export promising small business

2015.06  Registered ISO/TS16949:2009 certification.

Foundation date: June 1, 2000
Location: Gwangju Metropolitan City (Head Office), Cheonan City (Branch Office)
Employees: 24 (Research institute: 10, Production and management: 14)
Sales: 10,551 million won (as of Dec. 2016) / Export 40%, Domestic 60%
Business line: Optical lens and optical parts