Management Philosophy

Company  Management Philosophy

AG Optical Co., Ltd.

AG Optical Co., Ltd. was established on June 1st 2000 under the manpower support from the Precision Optics Group of Mechatronics Division at Samsung Electronics. We specialize in designing, developing, producing and selling Aspheric Glass Lens. AG Optical Co., Ltd. aims to be a pioneer in leading the world information industry (IT) with our Technology Development Team as we view the optical market where there is a customer demand as our scope of business. Moreover, AG Optics Co., Ltd. produces zoom aspheric lenses used in camcorders and digital cameras and aspheric lenses used in A4 laser printers. AG Optics Co., Ltd. will develop and produce high-precision, high-tech products with more added value than current IT component lenses. We will provide quality assurance and total solution for our customers with our subminiature aspheric lenses, precision injection parts and sub assembly items.