Intellectual Property Rights

Technology Status Intellectual Property Rights

No. Category Technology Country Registration Date Registration No.
1 Patent (registration) Glass molding press mold for manufacturing multiple coupling lense South Korea 2009-02-29 10-0883801
2 Patent (registration) Thin film structure of a lens mold core having a reinforcing layer with improved service life and its forming method South Korea 2010-03-05 10-0947331
3 Patent (registration) Angle adjustment device for display device South Korea 2010-06-22 10-0966804
4 Patent (registration) Thin film structure of lens mold core with improved adhesive strength and its manufacturing method South Korea 2010-09-17 10-0984140
5 Patent (registration) Glass Molding Press Machine for Manufacturing a Plurality of Coupling Lenses South Korea 2013-08-02 53275651
6 Patent (registration) Side illuminated surface light source device South Korea 2012-11-21 10-1205198
7 Patent (registration) Replacement procedure of the patterning bite using a measuring instrument South Korea 2013-03-12 10-1244630
8 Patent (registration) Optical system lens with a closed structur South Korea 2013-10-08 10-1318376
9 Patent (registration) Optical system for cameras South Korea 2013-10-08 10-1318387
10 Patent (registration) Flat-panel LED lighting device South Korea 2017-04-28 10-1733697
11 Patent(Applied) Camera lens optics South Korea 2013-04-17 10-2013-0042488
12 Patent (registration) Thin film forming device South Korea 2014-03-07 10-2014-0027433
13 Patent(Application) Laser scanning device equipped with the aspheric surface collimating cylinder lens and manufacturing method of aspheric cylinder lens South Korea 2015-06-10 10-2015-0081773
14 Patent(Application) Method of silicone lens for automotive headlamp South Korea 2015-08-30 10-2015-0137903
15 Patent(Application) Manufacturing method of silicon lens molding for automotive headlamp and that of silicon lens based on this South Korea 2016-01-29 10-2016-0011179
16 Patent(Application) Ultra-wide angle lens module for unmanned aerial device South Korea 2016-12-19 10-2016-0173564
17 Patent(Application) Aspheric mirror for head-up display South Korea 2016-12-29 10-2016-0181856
18 Patent(Application) Mold core for shaping fly-eye lens molding and its manufacturing method South Korea 2017-06-30 10-2017-0083093
19 Design registration ARTICLE THAT IS THE OBJECT OF THE DESIGN (Base for LED lamp) South Korea 2012-11-08 30-0668101
20 Design registration ARTICLE THAT IS THE OBJECT OF THE DESIGN (Base for LED lamp) South Korea 2012-11-08 30-0668114