Research Institute’s Technical Status

Technology Status Research Institute Technology Status

No. Developed Technology
1 Ultra-precision mold for mass production of aspheric glass lens
2 Localized aspheric glass lens for digital camera
3 Manufacture of optical glass materials for manufacturing precision optical lenses
4 Optical device precision transfer and inspection system using ultrasonic wave
5 Collimator applicable to subminiature aspheric lens
6 Mold coating technology for ultra-precision optical lens
7 Metal-integrated laser coupling lens for optical transceivers
8 Projection display system for subminiature semiconductor light source
9 Multi cavity molding technology of aspheric glass meniscus lens
10 DLC thin film deposition technology for optical lens mold
11 Thin film and regeneration process of mold core for manufacturing optical communication LD lenses
12 Optical module for ultra-wide angle surveillance system for small ship berthing and security
13 Inspection process improvement in the metal-integrated optical communication lens metal holder through vision system
14 Rectangular aspheric glass lens with improved coupling efficiency and mounting characteristics of ultra-high speed broadband optical transceiver
15 c-BN protective coating for optical lens molding using RF sputter
16 Development and commercialization of optical tap PD module using aspheric lens technology
17 T-ROADM related optical parts technology
18 Mass production of R-I / C molding process of over 50 inches / Feasibility secured
19 Carbon coating process technology for highly-rigid release on the high-precision mold parts for large aperture lens molding for automobile headlamps
20 Infrared surveillance system for navigation assistance at night and on the sea
21 Square aspheric glass lens for high-speed optical communication for flat platform
22 Subminiature aspheric collimating glass lens for beam shape circularization of laser scanning optical system and miniaturization of optical system
23 ICF-integrated aspheric lens and optical module using near infrared absorption material
24 Lens module for multi-purpose (electronic, mobile and wearable) camera with 8 mega-pixel or equivalent level of high resolution at 150-degree wide angle
25 Automotive HUD system with laser projection system
26 OIS 5X zoom / ultra-wide angle camera module for UAV and high-speed signal processing module for intelligent flight
27 Ultra-precision double-sided glass Fly-Eye Lens manufacturing technology for reliability and optical uniformity of the illumination optical system for high resolution, high power projector
28 Asymmetric large aperture aspheric glass lens for circularization and homogenization of elliptical beam output from high power laser source