optical solution

AG Optics Co., Ltd. specializes in the design, development,
production and sales of aspheric glass lenses and aspheric plastic lenses.

2000.06          Founded AG Optics Co., Ltd.

2001.01          Registered the ISO 9001, ISO14001 certification.

2004.08          Registered as INNO-BIZ.

2015.06          Registered the ISO/TS 16949:2009 certification.

Camera Lens
for Car Black Box

Rearview Camera Lens
for Cars

AR Camera Lens
for Car Navigation

AR Camera Lens
for Car AVM

smart light for
your life

AG Optics Co., Ltd. created the aspheric glass lenses based on our differentiated technology which secures excellent image performance by minimizing the optical aberration and achieves various effects such as miniaturization, light weight and cost reduction.

provide reliability

We provide the reliable products made of competitive precision technology considering the value of customers as our top priority.

Optical Design
· Optimized design with Code V / Zemax
· Imaging unit or optical communication lens
· Lighting system design with LightTools
· LED Application

· Ultra-precision aspheric processing technology with 5-axis processing machine
· Minimized error range through aspheric high-precision operation
· Extended service life with reinforced mold coating technology

High-temperature compression molding
· High-temperature compression molding with dedicated mold and molding machine
· Micro lens and large aperture lens production
· Industry’s lowest rate in the aspheric lens wavefront aberration

Lens Coating
· Multi-layer coating for broadband
· Various types of IR cut or UV cut coating available
· Anti-Reflection coating transmittance
· Reflectivity: <0.1 [R]%

technology for a better life

AG Optics Co., Ltd.’s own high-quality aspheric glass lens made with the process of 9 cycles of heating, pressing, and cooling processes from input to discharge!