Ethical management

AG Optics knows that ethical management is the driving force behind corporate competitiveness and promises to perform its duties ethically
and legally based on honesty and trust to establish a fair and transparent trading order and fulfill its social responsibilities.


To become a trusted and respected company,
AG Optics establishes, practices, and complies with the Code of Ethics.

  • Customer

    Respect customer
    & Protection

    • - Customer satisfaction first priority
    • - Create reasonable value
    • - prohibition of wrongdoing
  • Cooperative

    Fair Trade and
    Order Establishment

    • - Compliance with fair trade regulations
    • - Establishing mutual trust and cooperative
    • relationships and pursuing joint development
  • Employee

    Respect for dignity
    and fair treatment

    • - Provide fair opportunities based
      on quality and competence
    • - Fair evaluation, compensation and
      human resource development
    • - Creating a Culture for Capacity Building
  • Country
    and society

    Social Responsibility

    • - Respect for national and social values
    • - Compliance with domestic and
      international laws
    • - Contributing to national economic
      and social development

Cyber Reporting Center

If you report the following matters related to Proper administration, we will promptly process and reply.

  1. 01

    Target of
    Corruption Type

    • · Money transactions between trading companies and executives and employees
    • · Other acts that violate ethical management and cases of poor work
    • · embezzlement, theft and self-interest of the company
    • · Bribery (including money and valuables) and reception from traders
    • · Company Information and Workforce Leakage
    • · Transaction company preferential treatment, harmful effects, and equity investment activities
    • · Matters related to working discipline (part-time occupation, illegal gambling, etc.)
  2. 02

    system for

    The person in charge of unfair/illegal acts shall ensure that the identity of the reporter and the person
    who cooperated with the investigation is not exposed in the entire process of receiving, investigating,
    and following up the report, and shall protect them from personal problems.

    Confidentiality and protection
    - The reporter's real name is not used when managing records in the entire process.
    - Minimize identity estimation
    No Leakage
    - No leakage of records from outside
    - Implementation of a closed-door
  3. 03

    How to report

    • · E-mail :
    • · FAX : 041 - 410 - 1301
    • · TEL : 041 - 410 - 1307
    • · Addres : 198-7, Wangrim-gil, Seonghwan-eup, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do

    You can apply without restrictions on all possible means, such as direct reception, mail reception, anonymous reception, etc.
    Ensure that the informant is completely anonymous.